The Fires of Fate Complete Series Bundle

This dragon-shifter mpreg bundle includes all five books of the Fires of Fate series, as well as several new epilogues to round out your experience of the story. Full of love, magic, hot dragons, bonding rituals and fated mates, these stories are guaranteed to keep you flipping the pages all night.

Under the Dragon's Spell: Time is running out for dragon-shifter Tyrel: he needs to produce an heir to claim his inheritance, but not just any man will do. Adrian desperately needs the money Tyrel offers... but is he desperate enough to have a baby on contract?

The Dragon of his Dreams: Michael is an omega with about three-hundred book boyfriends, and zero real life dating experience, so when he falls head over heels for the first dragon-shifter he meets in real life, he doesn't know what to do. Could Kylan turn out to be his very own fairytale hero?

A Dragon's Love Song: For some extra cash, Roger gets into a fake relationship with dragon-shifter and rockstar Zed to fool Zed's family. He thinks it'll be easy money... until his feelings turn all too real.

A Dragon's Miracle: Ryan and Finn are best friends, but Ryan doesn't know that Finn is in love with him. And Finn doesn't know that Ryan needs a miracle to make it through the year.

The Dragon's Perfect Omega: Zim was never told that he's an omega. Accidentally getting knocked up by a dragon-shifter, even a hot one, was probably not the best way to find out...