General FAQs

This FAQ is for answers to questions that don’t quite fit just one series. Answers to questions about the specific series are found under the series itself.

Q: Will you be putting out any of your other series in audio?

A: I’m planning to, but right now my focus is on getting Mercy Hills and Oceanport into audio. Though if the right narrator comes along for  Fires of Fate, I wouldn’t say no!


Q: What’s this I hear about a Christmas book?

A: A Baby for Christmas is a novella set in Oceanport. It ties in more to the follow-up series Second Chances than Oceanport itself, though I’ve added it on the end of the Oceanport series. The audio for that book will hopefully be out in time for Christmas, 2018.


Q: Will Jake and Conner get a book?

A: Absolutely! Like I could stop myself from giving those two their happily ever after!