Mercy Hills Pack–Bundle Two

Continue your epic journey with the shifters of the Mercy Hills Pack! Bundle Two contains books four and five of the series, plus a side story based in one of the other enclaves, and four never before read bonus stories!

Omega's Alpha: As the omega bond fades, Holland finds himself drawn to the new Alpha of Mercy Hills. Rejected by another alpha for his infertility, he knows he's not a fit mate for the new Alpha. If he could only get that through the thick lug's skull, they could just have a wild affair and enjoy each other. But Alpha Quin isn't so easily convinced to give up.

Legally Mated: Shifters and humans don't date. When Garrick shuts down his romantic overtures again, Laine comes up with an idea to win the shifter's heart--he's going to get Garrick admitted to the Bar, against all prejudice and double-dealing. Except Garrick isn't keeping him at arm's length because Laine is a human, but because Garrick isn't who he claims he is. And if that secret got out, his career would be finished.

Sanctuary: Ori and Pat have been told all their lives that they can never mate--omegas are meant for alphas, not betas. The only option is to escape and to make their way across dangerous human territory for the uncertain safety of the Mercy Hills Enclave. But with Ori pregnant, and their pack hunting them, what should have been a straight-forward journey becomes anything but.

Over 300,000 words of love, determination, and shifters fighting against a system that seems designed to keep them down. Immerse yourself in this dystopian epic urban fantasy world, as lovers struggle to build their lives together against insurmountable odds, and families come together to fight against prejudice and fear in the hopes of a better world in the future. And share in the joy and hope as humans and shifters come a little bit closer.