A Dragon’s Miracle

Ryan’s life looks so perfect: a steady boyfriend, a great job in a place that he loves, and so many friends. Yet, the sad reality is that Ryan is sick. Really sick. And the only one who can cure him is his boyfriend, who uses Ryan’s desperation to blackmail him into using his job to steal from other dragons. Dragons like Finn. The best of his friends and the sweetest guy he’s ever met. The kind of guy Ryan would like to date, if he could find some way to break the chains binding him to his current lover.

Finn’s had his eyes on Ryan for two years, but no matter how much he wants to stake a claim on the kind-hearted omega, he respects him too much to interfere in his life. But when he discovers Ryan’s bruises, bruises inflicted by his lover, he can no longer settle for friendship and dreams. And his rage only grows when Ryan shares his secrets with him.

Finn doesn’t know how to solve Ryan’s problems, but one thing’s for sure—he’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto the man he loves. Even if it means becoming the beast that lives inside him.

If you like friends who become lovers, men who become pregnant and live happily ever after, add this romance to your library!