The Dragon’s Perfect Omega

Sometimes the magic of love leads us to discover who we really are...

Zim knows if anyone found out about his dirty fantasies involving other men, his family would disown him, so he keeps his forbidden desires buried. On the outside, he's a good son, a good student, a good future CEO of his family's pharmaceutical company. He's almost convinced himself that's all he is--until his twenty-first birthday brings him a present he could never have expected: a dragon that would unlock all his secrets--body, heart and mind—and help him discard the masks he’s worn all his life.

Lowen's ability to glimpse the future sets him apart from other dragons, but he knows that if his powers came to light, his people would expect him to devote his life to the Gods, remaining celibate. Not something that sounds particularly fun--especially not when Lowen comes face to face with his fated mate and his world is turned on its head.

When visions warn him that being with Zim will lead to tragedy, Lowen is prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to save his mate—and their unborn children—to have a shot at a future together. Even if that means defying his people, Zim’s parents, and destiny itself.