Privacy Policy

We’re all book buddies here, bonding over our love of men falling in love and making babies together. 🙂  So, in the spirit of buddy-hood, here’s the information I collect on the website and on the newsletter and what I do with it.

On the newsletter, all I really need is your email and your country. Your name would be nice (it’s so much friendlier, isn’t it?), but you absolutely don’t need to put it there. The website collects traffic information on where visits are coming from, mostly because it’s just really cool to look at a map and see that someone in Romania read your book and visited your website. (Yes, my little writer ego is really that fragile, lol!)

What do I do with it all this information? Well, mostly, I hoard it. 😀 Just like a dragon. I don’t share it with anyone, just hug it to myself whispering “My precioussss” and watching out for nasssty hobbitssess. I use the information from the newsletter form to send you newsletters. (Which seems self-evident, but they tell me I have to say that.) The country information is so I can track who is where in the world–again, out of curiosity but also for planning advertising, sales and, maybe, someday, more translations than just the French.

And that’s pretty much it! If you have any questions, or if you’ve decided you don’t want me snuggling with your data anymore and that you need me to delete it RIGHT NOW, drop me a line at the Contact Page! And if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, here’s where you can!