Mercy Hills Pack — Bundle One

Come explore the world of Mercy Hills and the lives of the shifters who live among us. Watch as they struggle against oppression and prejudice, yet still find their way to love and happiness and strange new friendships within the walled enclaves that make up their home. This bundle contains the first three books of the epic urban fantasy series, and four never-before-seen bonus stories that explore life both inside and outside the enclaves.

Mating the Omega: Jason's been in hiding for years from the rumors that he's a True Omega, until he just can't hide anymore. But in Mercy Hills, he finds an alpha from whom he never needs to hide again. Problem is, it's not the one he came to Mercy Hills to mate.

Abel's Omega: Abel would like to find a mate, but a pack’s Alpha with a business on the side has no time for romance. Until a frantic omega with four young pups lands on the pack’s doorstep, desperate for help, and Abel suddenly discovers that he’d only been waiting for the right omega to come along.

Duke's Baby Deal: Bram's got a crush on Duke, but none of his usual techniques to make an alpha jealous are working. Duke's got a crush on Bram, but thinks Bram wouldn't be interested in a quiet, boring alpha. Until one full moon when another suitor comes calling, and leaves Bram in a life-shattering mess. Duke steps in to salvage Bram's reputation and be a father to another alpha's pups, but what looks like a sacrifice to both of them in the beginning swiftly becomes a gift that neither could have anticipated.

Over 300,000 words of drama, love, danger, and near misses, plus adorable pups and a culture that stretches back centuries. Indulge yourself in the political intrigue and complicated relationships between the different packs, and the dangerous ones with the humans, all in a dystopian urban fantasy setting.