Dragon Boss

Book Cover: Dragon Boss

What happens when you send an accidental dick pic with your resume?

On the run from dark-web criminals, Lucian Bolt has given up on a permanent safe place—all he needs is a temporary one, so he can earn some quick cash and run again. Better to flee, than linger in the truth: because of his electronic whispering abilities, his family has been murdered. A person like him doesn't deserve happiness.

Then Lucian meets Knox, and things change.

As the boss of Whole Fish Seafoods, Knox has everything—except a family. Fifty years ago, wolf-shifters murdered his mate and child. Believing himself a failure, Knox has sworn off taking another mate... until he meets the job applicant that stumbles into his office.

Lucian smells like wolves. Suspicious, Knox frisks him, and plants his seed in Lucian. Only to find out a week later that Lucian's not the non-magic human he claimed to be. And that Lucian is now pregnant... with a dragon child.

With Knox, Lucian glimpses what a happy future could be like. And with Lucian, Knox has someone to protect again. As the sparks between them grow, and as the dark tendrils of their pasts coil ever closer, can Lucian and Knox find their way to a future together?

The Dragon Boss is a 74,000-word dragon-shifter novel with sentient shopping carts, a kraken, and a dragon who will not fail his mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After.


The Dragon’s Runaway Omega

Book Cover: The Dragon's Runaway Omega

An Omega on the Run…

Alec Cipher is having a bad day. The superstitious elders of his village demand a seasonal sacrifice to ward off dragon attacks. And lucky him—he’s the Chosen. Desperate to escape and forge a new life for himself, Alec stows away on a passing carriage late one night. Little does he know, the driver of the carriage is an undercover dragon!

An Outcast Alpha…

Alpha dragon Lucien wanders the wilds after a bloody mutiny stripped him of his mate, his powers, and his homeland. On one of his midnight journeys, he unknowingly picks up a stowaway—a little omega human. And he smells delicious. What starts out as annoyance transforms into something greater the longer they spend time together. With an extremist clan on the rise, can Lucien save both his people and his heart? Can Alec love a beast whose brethren have terrorized his people for centuries?

Can they find a new life together in one another’s arms?

Sometimes love is the greatest adventure...welcome to Darkvale.

The Dragon's Runaway Omega is the first book in the Darkvale Dragons series and is filled with all the things you crave: smoking-hot dragons, magic, mpreg, knotting, and of course, adorable children. The series takes place in a rich epic fantasy world torn by battle. If you're looking for a world filled with lust, danger, and spice, you've come to the right place.


Waking His Omega

Book Cover: Waking His Omega

This is the end, Simon thought. Not if I can help it, I responded.

After thousands of years asleep in the ice, Ryeth the Sapphire Dragon is waking, and it's the touch of one man's mind that draws him from his dreams. But Ryeth's body is still trapped, leaving him powerless to address the issue of his brother, the Black Dragon, who has already threatened Simon's pack.

Simon didn't realize how alone he felt until Ryeth bonded with him, and now he doesn't know how to function without the dragon's voice in his head. But a yearning for more burns in his gut, and he doesn't know what to do about it.

As the threat of the Black Dragon looms ever greater, Simon must find a way to free Ryeth. It's not only his pack and family that is at stake, but the chance of a future with the dragon he has linked his soul to.

Waking His Omega is a 27k word novella featuring a wise-cracking wolf who is learning what responsibility means, the ancient dragon who lives half in his mind, and the rest of the pack as they face their greatest foe. It is the fifth book in the Outcast Chronicles, and it is recommended to read them in order for maximum enjoyment. This book contains mpreg, knotting, and a peeping tom dragon who can't keep his dirty thoughts out of Simon's head.


Rescued From the Dragon

Book Cover: Rescued From the Dragon

Jason watched over the blacksmith forge for his master Rau, when a customer dressed in a nobleman's fancy clothes asked for some work to be done. He was no ordinary customer as Jason discovered. Instantly drawn to the man's intense beauty, brilliant green eyes, and kind heart, Adain Cariad suddenly consumed all of Jason's thoughts. Their encounter, however, was not by chance. As a powerful wyvern in search of a mate to carry his fledgling, Adain knew the handsome slave was his true mate from the moment he entered the tiny medieval village.

Jason was captivated and found himself dreaming of being with Adain even though his cruel master would not allow him ever to leave him. Adain insisted on spending time with Jason despite Jason's warnings that his master was secretly a vicious monster in disguise, a dragon. When Adain realized Jason was truly his mate, he was forced to find a witch whose spellwork could bind them together forever while giving Jason the strength to bear Adain's fledgling. The witch's price for her service was high. Jason would need to know what Adain was before she would agree to the spell and she demanded the heart of Jason's dragon master. Will Jason still want to be with Adain when he learns Adain is a wyvern? Will Adain be able to destroy Rau and rescue Jason from the dragon?

This book is a stand-alone MM dragon shifter Mpreg story of approximately 27k words. It with mostly likely contain an HEA. However, it also contains strong descriptions of MM romance, Mpreg, some violent scenes, and a storyline of forced servitude. It is not for anyone under the age of 18 or for anyone who might be unsettled by such descriptions and themes.


The Dragon’s Perfect Omega

Sometimes the magic of love leads us to discover who we really are...

Zim knows if anyone found out about his dirty fantasies involving other men, his family would disown him, so he keeps his forbidden desires buried. On the outside, he's a good son, a good student, a good future CEO of his family's pharmaceutical company. He's almost convinced himself that's all he is--until his twenty-first birthday brings him a present he could never have expected: a dragon that would unlock all his secrets--body, heart and mind—and help him discard the masks he’s worn all his life.

Lowen's ability to glimpse the future sets him apart from other dragons, but he knows that if his powers came to light, his people would expect him to devote his life to the Gods, remaining celibate. Not something that sounds particularly fun--especially not when Lowen comes face to face with his fated mate and his world is turned on its head.

When visions warn him that being with Zim will lead to tragedy, Lowen is prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to save his mate—and their unborn children—to have a shot at a future together. Even if that means defying his people, Zim’s parents, and destiny itself.


Alpha Dragon: Bronaz

Book Cover: Alpha Dragon: Bronaz
Part of the Treasured Ink series:
  • Alpha Dragon: Bronaz

Bronaz has a family in his best friends at Treasured Ink, the dragon-owned tattoo shop, and a job he loves. But since his twin brother's death years ago, he's been reluctant to open himself to anyone—which is hard when he meets his fated mate.

Omega Kuras wants to meet his fated mate and have a baby more than anything. But time is running out, and dating apps aren't any help. When he meets Bronaz, he's overjoyed. But what if Bronaz doesn't feel the same way?

Meanwhile, the dragons of Treasured Ink investigate a dangerous organization targeting mythical shifters. After a friend's sister is kidnapped by the organization, Bronaz vows to find her—so his friend doesn't suffer the same fate he did.

As Kuras pushes, Bronaz pulls. Bronaz realizes he can't ignore the bond pulling them together, but he can't get hurt again. That's what love brings. But Kuras is determined to show him love can bring healing too—and that it's worth everything.

The two have to learn to work together if they're going to be fated mates. But can Kuras help heal Bronaz's heart? And will they find the kidnapped shifter before it's too late?

Alpha Dragon: Bronaz is the third in a steamy new mpreg romance series centered around alpha dragons who love ink and getting inked. It has hurt/comfort themes. Each couple gets a HEA, but the books are best enjoyed in order. Warning: this book is so hot it’ll scorch your shirt off!


The Dragon Heir’s Omega

Book Cover: The Dragon Heir's Omega
Part of the Ether City series:
  • The Dragon Heir's Omega

Dragons don’t just throw parties, they throw balls, but Jordan is from the Kellen family, and they’re more likely to crash a ball than be invited to one. So when Jordan’s partner Zachary suggests they attend the latest fancy to-do and cause a stir, Jordan is definitely on board. The dragon elite live cushy, privileged lives that Jordan never had a chance to see when he was a young alpha. And maybe the ruckass they cause will stir up some interesting omegas.

Zach Knight doesn’t just want to start some rumors at the latest social party, he wants to bring the whole house down. His family has run Ether City for generations, but Zach has something to say about how Omegas are treated and where better to make a statement than in front of a few hundred of his closest enemies? With Jordan at his side, Zach has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Aiden Hunt wasn’t supposed to be at this ball, let alone leashed, collared, and naked for the CEO of the bank where it’s being held. He’s drowning in his virgin heat and with hormones racing, his body is nearly out of his control.Walking through a crowd of alphas is his worst nightmare come true. He needs someone to save him, and fast, but he doesn’t know who he can turn to.

Jordan and Zach are happily bonded to each other, two alpha males with more bite than bark. They didn’t come to the party to rescue an omega, but when he’s dragged onto the dance floor, he seems to be just the disturbance the alphas were looking for. Aiden won’t be muzzled by just anyone, but Jordan and Zach are confident they’ve found the perfect omega to share.


The Last Alpha Dragon

Book Cover: The Last Alpha Dragon
Part of the Full Moon Mates series:
  • The Last Alpha Dragon

Chandler has long been resigned to the fate of his race.

He’s one of the last two dragons in the world and in spite of being immortal, he knows that someday there may be no dragons left at all. For centuries he’s been dreaming of a tropical island paradise with other dragons on it. After the dream becomes a nightmare of a hurricane ravaged island, he wonders what if the dreams are real? What if there really are more dragons? And if there are… are they in trouble?

Rask wondered if this was the end for him and his friends...

It has been centuries since Rask and his companions were shipwrecked while fleeing the dragon massacre. Life hasn’t been easy, but nothing could have prepared them for the devastation of the worst hurricane to ever strike them. Leaving the island has proved deadly in the past, but now Rask thinks it may be better than slowly dying of starvation. He dreams of returning to civilization, finding his true mate, and having children of his own. That is, if the threat of dragon slayers is truly over…

The Last Alpha Dragon is a novella about holding onto hope, braving new worlds, and alpha dragons endowed with twice as much to love! Spread your wings as Harper B. Cole introduces both a new cast of lovable characters and USA Today Bestselling Author Kallie Frost in her MPREG debut.


Alpha Awakened

Book Cover: Alpha Awakened
Part of the Waking the Dragons series:
  • Alpha Awakened

After thousands of years, they’re back…

Awkward outcast omega Emery Jones isn’t expecting to find anything more than adventure when he leaves his favorite hiking path and follows a strange series of markers through the woods… and he’s certainly not expecting to come face to face with the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen. He’s instantly smitten, but there’s one problem—his dream guy insists that he’s a dragon prince from another time, and Emery is his fated mate!

After thousands of years in stasis, Coryphaeus of Novis, the draconian Crown Prince, has been awakened by a kiss from his fated mate. But when the shy little omega denies his draconian heritage and tells Cory that dragons are nothing more than fairytales, Cory knows that the world isn’t as he remembers it. The dragons that once ruled the world are gone.

It’s too bad the threat they previously faced hasn’t gone extinct, too…

Alpha Awakened is the first book in the Waking the Dragons series and features literally rock-hard hunks, a mom who knows way too much, a perilous threat that transcends time, and a HEA just as legendary as the dragons in it. This 52k book contains mpreg and is 18+ only… did you really expect anything less from Susi Hawke and Piper Scott?

Let our dragons sweep you off your feet… and into the starry night skies of Eureka Springs!


The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate

Book Cover: The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate
Part of the The Jewelled Dragon's Curse series:
  • The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate

Dragon King Damari is the last dragon of his kind. After a curse killed his family, Damari is left the only one with the power to sustain his tribe. But when years go on and Damari doesn't find his dragon mate, he must venture out into the human world, and search for other ways to protect his people.

Dumped by his boyfriend, and stuck on the world's most exclusive resort on Chryseum Island, Miko Lannis needs help getting off…the island. He swoons along with all the other guests when he gets his first look at the domineering dragon king, Damari. He is so handsome and noble, there’s no way he could be interested in the socially awkward Miko in his frayed jeans and worn t-shirt.

Damari can’t control the pull he feels towards Miko from the first moment he spots his pastel blue hair in his office. Miko is goofy, clumsy and speaks his mind—a trait that is hard for a dragon king to find. But mostly, he makes Damari smile. If Damari didn’t know better, he would think Miko was his mate, but Miko is a human.

When Miko finds himself alone in Damari’s lair, he’s ready and willing. Except something happens that transforms their one night stand into forever.

Meanwhile, the curse that killed Damari's family may not be finished. Damari needs to call on all his powers as the Golden Dragon King to protect his new mate and his people.

The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate is the first book in The Jeweled King's Curse series. It can be read as a standalone and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to recreate anything you read in this book.