Love Bleeds

I used to think vampires were the stuff of fiction. Now my brother has a baby with fangs and there's bottles of blood in our fridge, so obviously, I was wrong about that. It's not the only thing I was wrong about, either. I'm a nerd, I'm supposed to be smart, but honestly? I'm starting to realize I can be pretty darn clueless.

For one, I never realized that my best friend was in love with me. Not until after he died in a vampire attack. To protect me.

His death shattered my whole world. Seeing him again is like a miracle.

Even if he has fangs now.

Even if he doesn't remember his own past--or me.

His new name is Crimson, and he's not who he used to be. I know that, really, I do. But I have to believe that I can remind him of all the memories we shared, all the years we spent together, geeking out over our favorite games and TV-shows.

Because when he kisses me, I feel whole again.

I don't get it. I've been straight my entire life.

But maybe that's just one more thing I was wrong about?