Love Heals

Do vampires deserve love?

I should have died, the night I got stabbed. Instead, I was reborn as a vampire. New name, new identity--new master.

My sire treated me like his pet. It was rough, at first, but I learned to adapt, learned to please him. Learned to follow every one of my sire's commands.

Now he's gone, killed by a pack of mortals. Mortals who seem to think they've rescued me. One of them, Jared, claims that he knew me back when I was mortal too. I'm not the person I used to be, though.

Truth be told, after three years with my sire, I'm barely a person at all.

But Jared is stubborn. He doesn't seem to care how broken I am, and I can't resist him. He makes me feel things I didn't know I could feel anymore. He makes me want things I shouldn't want. He makes me feel like maybe I have something to live for after all.

If only I could break my sire's hold on my mind.