What order should Mercy Hills be read in?

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That’s a good one! I do love this universe, so it’s pretty good odds I’ll keep writing in it. Right now, this is the order you should be reading it in:

Main Series
1. Mating the Omega
2. Abel’s Omega
3. Duke’s Baby Deal
4. Omega’s Alpha
5. Legally Mated

6. Omega’s Flight (coming soon)
7. Unnamed Book 7

8. Unnamed Book 8

 In the Universe Stories 



Sanctuary (between 5 and 6)


Unnamed legal thriller (between 7 and 8)


You don’t have to read the side stories to follow the story of Mercy Hills. I wrote or will write them to either answer questions posed by readers, or to indulge my muse. 🙂

Last Updated On October 15, 2017