Rescued From the Dragon

Book Cover: Rescued From the Dragon

Jason watched over the blacksmith forge for his master Rau, when a customer dressed in a nobleman's fancy clothes asked for some work to be done. He was no ordinary customer as Jason discovered. Instantly drawn to the man's intense beauty, brilliant green eyes, and kind heart, Adain Cariad suddenly consumed all of Jason's thoughts. Their encounter, however, was not by chance. As a powerful wyvern in search of a mate to carry his fledgling, Adain knew the handsome slave was his true mate from the moment he entered the tiny medieval village.

Jason was captivated and found himself dreaming of being with Adain even though his cruel master would not allow him ever to leave him. Adain insisted on spending time with Jason despite Jason's warnings that his master was secretly a vicious monster in disguise, a dragon. When Adain realized Jason was truly his mate, he was forced to find a witch whose spellwork could bind them together forever while giving Jason the strength to bear Adain's fledgling. The witch's price for her service was high. Jason would need to know what Adain was before she would agree to the spell and she demanded the heart of Jason's dragon master. Will Jason still want to be with Adain when he learns Adain is a wyvern? Will Adain be able to destroy Rau and rescue Jason from the dragon?

This book is a stand-alone MM dragon shifter Mpreg story of approximately 27k words. It with mostly likely contain an HEA. However, it also contains strong descriptions of MM romance, Mpreg, some violent scenes, and a storyline of forced servitude. It is not for anyone under the age of 18 or for anyone who might be unsettled by such descriptions and themes.