Act Like You Don’t Care

Book Cover: Act Like You Don't Care
Part of the Hollywood Hearts series:

In Hollywood, it can be hard to know what’s real.

As an omega in Hollywood, Tam’s had to fight for everything. Roles, respect, independence. So what if a steady relationship had to go by the wayside? Once he’s established—and he’s so close he can taste it—he’ll have time to look around for an alpha that’s willing to play second fiddle to Tam’s skyrocketing career. He’s okay with his hot mess of a social life—until the letters start coming. Creepy letters, from someone who thinks an omega has no business in Hollywood and is willing to resort to violence to get their way.

When the movie studio hired Miles to guard one of their rising stars, he wasn’t counting on the biggest threat being the one to his heart. Even though he knows they’re just faking for the cameras—and Tam’s stalker—pretending to be the star’s boyfriend feels too much like the real thing. Before he realizes it, he’s broken the first rule of bodyguarding and fallen hard for the rebellious omega with the fiercely protected heart. And now he has to find his way through the dangerous maze of Tam’s heart without sending the omega running for the hills.

Tam’s world is turned upside-down by a little blue line. He wants this child he and Miles have created and he wants Miles too, except the cost of having them could be everything Tam's ever built for himself. Can a solid future be built even on Hollywood dreams or will Tam have to spend the next eighteen years acting like he doesn’t care?

A novel set in the Oceanport omegaverse.