The Omega’s Alpha

Barren, unwanted—a lot of omegas would have given up. But not Holland. Tired of living down to other’s opinions, he reaches for something more and seduces the new Alpha, only to fall so far in love he can’t see the moon for the trees.

Quin’s ghosts won’t leave him alone. He lives like a ghost himself, but Holland’s shining light gives him courage to reach for healing and, maybe, a family. Except Holland has his own unhealed wounds and he refuses to mate, until disaster in another pack reminds them both how fragile life can be.

From that disaster rises a new determination, and Quin and Holland set out to change their world.

And through it all, the secret of the True Omega begins to unveil itself, bringing hope and fear in its wake.

141,000 words full of love and family, disaster and triumph.


Legally Mated

More than a century ago, the Segregation Laws made enemies of humans and shifters, and imprisoned the pack behind their enclave walls.

Laine wants Garrick. He wants him out from behind those walls and being what he was meant to be—a brilliant lawyer. He also wants to claim Garrick openly as his partner, but with the prejudice on both sides, he’ll never get what he wants. Unless he can pull off something spectacular.

Like getting Garrick admitted to the Bar.

Garrick’s spent so much of his life keeping secrets, he doesn’t know how to open up to another person. Even if it’s Laine, the human lawyer who stole Garrick’s heart and made him want things he could never have. But Laine’s pushing too hard, and there’s another lawyer, one from Washington, holding out the promise of truly eliminating the laws keeping shifters locked behind walls. If they could bring those down, then maybe some of Garrick’s dreams could become reality. If only he could make Laine see…

All while an unforeseen gift of history creates rumbles of change in the packs, and drives Mercy Hills to an announcement that will rock shifter society to the roots.


Mercy Hills Pack — Bundle One

Come explore the world of Mercy Hills and the lives of the shifters who live among us. Watch as they struggle against oppression and prejudice, yet still find their way to love and happiness and strange new friendships within the walled enclaves that make up their home. This bundle contains the first three books of the epic urban fantasy series, and four never-before-seen bonus stories that explore life both inside and outside the enclaves.

Mating the Omega: Jason's been in hiding for years from the rumors that he's a True Omega, until he just can't hide anymore. But in Mercy Hills, he finds an alpha from whom he never needs to hide again. Problem is, it's not the one he came to Mercy Hills to mate.

Abel's Omega: Abel would like to find a mate, but a pack’s Alpha with a business on the side has no time for romance. Until a frantic omega with four young pups lands on the pack’s doorstep, desperate for help, and Abel suddenly discovers that he’d only been waiting for the right omega to come along.

Duke's Baby Deal: Bram's got a crush on Duke, but none of his usual techniques to make an alpha jealous are working. Duke's got a crush on Bram, but thinks Bram wouldn't be interested in a quiet, boring alpha. Until one full moon when another suitor comes calling, and leaves Bram in a life-shattering mess. Duke steps in to salvage Bram's reputation and be a father to another alpha's pups, but what looks like a sacrifice to both of them in the beginning swiftly becomes a gift that neither could have anticipated.

Over 300,000 words of drama, love, danger, and near misses, plus adorable pups and a culture that stretches back centuries. Indulge yourself in the political intrigue and complicated relationships between the different packs, and the dangerous ones with the humans, all in a dystopian urban fantasy setting.

Mercy Hills Pack–Bundle Two

Continue your epic journey with the shifters of the Mercy Hills Pack! Bundle Two contains books four and five of the series, plus a side story based in one of the other enclaves, and four never before read bonus stories!

Omega's Alpha: As the omega bond fades, Holland finds himself drawn to the new Alpha of Mercy Hills. Rejected by another alpha for his infertility, he knows he's not a fit mate for the new Alpha. If he could only get that through the thick lug's skull, they could just have a wild affair and enjoy each other. But Alpha Quin isn't so easily convinced to give up.

Legally Mated: Shifters and humans don't date. When Garrick shuts down his romantic overtures again, Laine comes up with an idea to win the shifter's heart--he's going to get Garrick admitted to the Bar, against all prejudice and double-dealing. Except Garrick isn't keeping him at arm's length because Laine is a human, but because Garrick isn't who he claims he is. And if that secret got out, his career would be finished.

Sanctuary: Ori and Pat have been told all their lives that they can never mate--omegas are meant for alphas, not betas. The only option is to escape and to make their way across dangerous human territory for the uncertain safety of the Mercy Hills Enclave. But with Ori pregnant, and their pack hunting them, what should have been a straight-forward journey becomes anything but.

Over 300,000 words of love, determination, and shifters fighting against a system that seems designed to keep them down. Immerse yourself in this dystopian epic urban fantasy world, as lovers struggle to build their lives together against insurmountable odds, and families come together to fight against prejudice and fear in the hopes of a better world in the future. And share in the joy and hope as humans and shifters come a little bit closer.


Mercy Hills Pack Extras — Short Story Collection One

All the extra stories that were included in bundle one, but in a neat little package by themselves.


Mac's Gift: Mac and Jason

The Rebuild: Abel and Bax

Campus Delivery: Duke and Bram

In the Bleak Midwinter: Noel, the Canadian (yes, he comes back in a later book!)

Mercy Hills Pack Extras: Short Story Collection Two

All the extras from the second bundle in their own little book!

An Alpha's Touch: Quin and Holland (and Zane!)

Over the Bar: Laine and Garrick

The Blessings: Ori and Patton

Harris and the Green Moon Granny