The Dragon’s Runaway Omega

Book Cover: The Dragon's Runaway Omega

An Omega on the Run…

Alec Cipher is having a bad day. The superstitious elders of his village demand a seasonal sacrifice to ward off dragon attacks. And lucky him—he’s the Chosen. Desperate to escape and forge a new life for himself, Alec stows away on a passing carriage late one night. Little does he know, the driver of the carriage is an undercover dragon!

An Outcast Alpha…

Alpha dragon Lucien wanders the wilds after a bloody mutiny stripped him of his mate, his powers, and his homeland. On one of his midnight journeys, he unknowingly picks up a stowaway—a little omega human. And he smells delicious. What starts out as annoyance transforms into something greater the longer they spend time together. With an extremist clan on the rise, can Lucien save both his people and his heart? Can Alec love a beast whose brethren have terrorized his people for centuries?

Can they find a new life together in one another’s arms?

Sometimes love is the greatest adventure...welcome to Darkvale.

The Dragon's Runaway Omega is the first book in the Darkvale Dragons series and is filled with all the things you crave: smoking-hot dragons, magic, mpreg, knotting, and of course, adorable children. The series takes place in a rich epic fantasy world torn by battle. If you're looking for a world filled with lust, danger, and spice, you've come to the right place.


Alpha Awakened

Book Cover: Alpha Awakened
Part of the Waking the Dragons series:
  • Alpha Awakened

After thousands of years, they’re back…

Awkward outcast omega Emery Jones isn’t expecting to find anything more than adventure when he leaves his favorite hiking path and follows a strange series of markers through the woods… and he’s certainly not expecting to come face to face with the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen. He’s instantly smitten, but there’s one problem—his dream guy insists that he’s a dragon prince from another time, and Emery is his fated mate!

After thousands of years in stasis, Coryphaeus of Novis, the draconian Crown Prince, has been awakened by a kiss from his fated mate. But when the shy little omega denies his draconian heritage and tells Cory that dragons are nothing more than fairytales, Cory knows that the world isn’t as he remembers it. The dragons that once ruled the world are gone.

It’s too bad the threat they previously faced hasn’t gone extinct, too…

Alpha Awakened is the first book in the Waking the Dragons series and features literally rock-hard hunks, a mom who knows way too much, a perilous threat that transcends time, and a HEA just as legendary as the dragons in it. This 52k book contains mpreg and is 18+ only… did you really expect anything less from Susi Hawke and Piper Scott?

Let our dragons sweep you off your feet… and into the starry night skies of Eureka Springs!


Under the Dragon’s Spell

Coming from a broken home, Adrian’s biggest dream in life has always been to find a loving partner and start a family of his own. But when his boyfriend kicks him out, it’s starting to look like that’s never going to happen. Worse yet, he has to move in with his brother to keep from living on the street, and the prevalent bias against men with the ability to carry children keeps him from finding a job of his own.

He’s about ready to give up hope when he finds a job offer in the newspaper searching for someone to produce an heir for a rich dragon shifter. Having a baby with a stranger, even if he’s enigmatic and hot as hell, is not his definition of happiness, but when he finds himself falling for the dragon, he starts to hope again.

If only it wasn’t for the competition…

Stand alone story with no cliffhangers.


Mating the Omega

Book Cover: Mating the Omega
Pages: 166
ISBN: 978-1539808381
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 166

Omega wolf Jason and his family have been on the run for six years to keep Jason from being forcefully mated to his pack’s cruel Alpha. When a brutal attack leaves his father desperately injured, Jason comes to the conclusion that it’s time to call it quits. Terrified as he is to deliver himself into an Alpha’s power, he makes a deal to mate with the Alpha of the richest pack in the country. And discovers that he’d rather mate the Alpha’s handsome Head of Security.

When Mac captures the feral shifter that climbed the walls surrounding the Mercy Hills Pack enclave, he feels for the young shifter’s fear, though he knows his Alpha isn’t the sort of shifter Jason believes he is. He’d be happy to see the two mated, except that, as time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to deny his own feelings for the young, damaged omega.

A sudden turn of events sees Mac and Jason mated and expecting, but Jason’s old pack isn’t done with them yet.


The Omega’s Secret Baby

Eight years ago, Eli gave up his future as a veterinarian because of a blue line on a pregnancy test. Now a single dad to the best little boy in the world, he’s working at an animal shelter and trying his hardest to ignore the small town gossip that follows him and his son around. Contrary to popular belief, he does know who the other father is—the irresistible alpha from his youth. But Matt’s upper class family doesn’t think an omega is good enough for their son, and Eli’s not going to expose his kid to that kind of prejudice. Besides, Matt ran off and married someone else, so he couldn’t have felt that much for Eli, could he?

After years of trying to make his arranged marriage work, Matt’s getting divorced--much to his high society family’s dismay and fury. And his relief—something had to change. It does, when he runs into the omega he’d fallen for as a college senior and never quite managed to forget. The moment he lays eyes on Eli, he wants him back, and to hell with what his parents think.

And there’s that little boy, Eli’s son, who tugs on Matt’s heart as hard as Eli does. Could it be…?


Just Like in the Movies

Book Cover: Just Like in the Movies
Part of the Hollywood Hearts series:

Second chances only happen in the movies, right?

Following in his starlet grandmother's footsteps, Micah West left for the bright lights of Hollywood right after high school. He's spent the last five years building a name for himself as a young and rising star and his career is definitely going places. When his grandmother passes away, Micah finally comes home again and he’s terrified. It’s the first time he’s set foot in Longwood since he wooed and won and dumped his high school sweetheart. And now he has to face his biggest critic—the man he still loves.

Lewellyn King's life fell apart the night Mike called him from L.A. to break off their engagement and it’s never quite recovered. The whole town is convinced he hates Micah, but Lew knows the truth—he never stopped loving the alpha he'd been getting ready to marry. When he meets Mike again at the funeral, old hopes and hurts flare back up, but neither man can deny the feelings that still run strong between them.

Mike wants to make it right. Lew wants the man he was promised. But real life can't be just like the movies. Can it?

Chapter 1

I normally didn’t get this upset when a resident of the senior’s home I worked at passed away. It was expected and while it was sad, it had happened often enough that we’d all learned not to get too attached.
But Madelyne West had been more than just a resident to me.
The television flickered gently in the darkness of the living room, more a light to keep me company than anything else. I had the sound turned down, because my niece and nephew were sleeping down the hall and I didn't want to wake them on a school night. A commercial was showing at the moment, an animated toothbrush dancing gleefully with a tube of toothpaste.
"Lew, aren't you on the morning shift tomorrow?" my mother called gently to me.
"Yeah," I called back quietly.
The light coming from the arched doorway dimmed slightly and when I looked up, I found her watching me with sympathy. "


You don't have to go to the visitation if you think he'll be there."
I shook my head. "I'm going." I'd loved old Maddie, even after I'd stopped loving her grandson.
Oh, who was I kidding? I'd never stopped loving Micah West, not even after he'd dumped me for a career in Hollywood. I just hated him now too.
It was complicated.
Mom sighed and turned away, and moments later I heard her footsteps heading down the hall. She was probably going to bed. I should go to bed too.
At least get off the main floor of the house so that I wouldn't wake anyone up if I got stupid.
Wouldn’t be the first time.
I turned the television off and told myself I wouldn't hurry down to my little suite in the basement.       But my feet had minds of their own and I was downstairs just in time to catch the end of the opening monologue of the late night talk show I'd been telling myself I didn't need to watch.
Mike’s was the first interview of the show.
Damn, he still looked good.
Around here, everyone knew why I wouldn't go see a Micah West movie. It was like local legend, sunk deep into the bones of the town. They all thought I was still mad at him.
They were half right.
Oh, I was mad all right, but it had worn down over time, like a rock in a river. And underneath it, the thing that still fed my anger and kept it simmering along, was the love I couldn't carve out of my heart, no matter how hard I tried.
But no, it wasn't so much that I was mad. I was afraid. Terrified that the anger I nursed, that kept me from collapsing under the rejection, would disappear if I saw him again. Heard his voice.
Woke those memories.
God, he was beautiful. The perfect Hollywood romantic lead. Dark hair, chiseled jaw, eyes you could fall into for days. He still looked like Mike from high school, but sharper, more polished. A new, improved Mike. I slumped on my bed and stared at the screen, mesmerized.
I couldn’t see him.
But I also couldn't miss Maddie's funeral. I wouldn't. She'd been a rock the past five years of my life, even more than my parents had been. She'd understood, in a way that my electrician dad and store manager mom couldn't.
But then, she'd been one of the big names when Hollywood itself was still only a little one.
I watched Mike being charming and funny, the devilish grin, the shape of his hands sparking off memories of how the feel of them against my skin had made me beg.
Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore and I turned the television off, then rolled over to bury my face in my pillows and scream until I cried, and then cry until I slept.


Chapter 2

I got off the plane at the Longwood airport and went straight for the bathroom. Not that I needed to go. I was just going to lose my mind if I didn't get a few minutes out of sight of other people. Really, I loved my fans—they were my lifeblood and my bread and butter. But dammit, I was on my way home for my grandmother's funeral and I just needed to be alone in my head for a while. I needed to be Mike again for a while, not Micah West, ™. So I hit the bathroom and folded myself into a stall so I could just...sit, and let the pleasantly neutral smile on my face fade. I was tired. And scared. I hadn't been home since...
Since I'd been a fucking stupid, selfish asshole.
You can't hide in here all day.
With a sigh, I pushed myself to my feet and gave up the security of the stall. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I came out—I looked like shit, but that wasn't surprising. I was getting close to forty-eight hours without sleep and about half of that fighting back tears. Which started up again as soon as I thought about it, so I dropped my bag on the floor beside the sink and turned the water on, washing my hands and splashing some on my face to try to hide the evidence.
"Hey," said the guy washing his hands at the sink next to mine. "You're Micah West, aren't you?"
Shit. "Yes, I am." I grabbed a couple of paper towels and dried off before shaking the man's hand.
"I loved you in Two Days in Tripoli. You were fantastic."
"Thank you. I enjoyed that one." No I hadn't, but it had been work. And, I should feel a little grateful—it had been a breakout that no one had expected and that film's critical and financial success had led to me getting a bunch of other roles. Which had led to this—small talk in the men's bathroom at Longwood airport.
"So, what are you working on now?" he asked, all chatty now.
"Nothing at the moment." I'd told my agent to make it work, that I was going to take a couple of weeks off to be with my family. She hadn't been happy about it, but I'd made it stick. They could work around my scenes for two weeks—it had been done before for other actors. I didn’t mind working long days after to make up the time. "I'm on vacation."
“Yes, right, I heard about your grandmother. My condolences."
I smiled, working far too hard to make it not look as tired as I felt. "Thank you." And now to disengage and get out of this suddenly claustrophobic space. "I better go, someone's coming to pick me up."
"Oh, sure, sure," the man said.
I made it as far as the door before the question I'd been dreading hit me from behind. "Hey, before you go, could I get a picture? No one's going to believe me."
My hand tightened on the handle of the bathroom door. I watched my knuckles go white and forced my hand to relax. "I'd rather not. I'm here for my grandmother's funeral." Then I rudely yanked the door open and made my escape out into the suddenly welcome noise of the crowd.
I found my mom waiting right at the end of the corridor and let her fold me into a tight hug with a feeling of relief.
"Mike, it's so good to see you." She stroked my hair and let me hold onto her for as long as I needed. She'd always been good at knowing when what I was projecting on the outside wasn't what was going on inside.
"Hey, Ma," I said and surreptitiously wiped the tears from my eyes. "Thanks for coming to get me."
"I'm always your mother," she said with another hug. "No matter how big a name you are in Hollywood now."
That made me laugh—I really wasn’t all that big, but hopefully getting there. "Thanks." I glanced around and noticed that we were already attracting attention. "We should maybe go. I'm not in the mood to play the actor tonight."
She nodded. "I sent your father down to find your bag so we could go right out to the car." She put her arm around me and started leading me out of Arrivals and toward the front door. I could already see the headlines in the trash mags tomorrow—Devastated actor comes home to mourn dead starlet grandmother. Well, I hoped they got paid well for the pictures.
It felt weird, coming home. Sitting in the back seat of the family car, the familiar smells taking me back to my teenage years. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against the headrest.
"I set your old bedroom up for you," Mom said. "There's leftover Chinese in the fridge if you're hungry."
"Thanks. I'll probably go right to bed. It's been crazy." Not that I thought I'd sleep anyway, but I could at least rest. Let my body relax a little. My brain certainly wouldn't.
The memory of my last conversation with my grandmother kept cycling through my thoughts. I promise you, Grandma, I'll come home to visit next week. I just need to finish post prod and do a couple of appearances, then I'm going to take a few days to visit my favorite starlet ever. I almost snorted in disgust at my own selfishness. I could have moved that schedule around, made a couple of days to get home to see her. She didn't often ask me for anything. Never asked me to do anything that would keep me from working—she knew the business.
I should have known when she called that night and complained, in a way that was entirely out of character for her, that she hadn't seen me in ages and could I please come to visit her soon? She'd been so insistent, like somehow, she'd known what was coming, and I'd put her off like the self-centered young idiot I was.
The sound of the trunk opening made me sit up, and then Dad slammed it closed and came around to get in the driver's side of the car. "It's good to see you, Mike."
"You too, Dad."
Dad started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "Saw you on the talk show last night. You sure that was a good idea?"
"Graham," Mom said in a tone of warning.
"What? I'm just saying that it didn't look respectful, his Grandma just passed and he's on TV talking and joking?"
"I didn't know, Dad. I didn't get your voicemail until after the show. It was filmed a couple of days ago." Like I wasn't feeling guilty enough already. But Dad had never quite forgiven me for Lew.
Of course, I hadn't quite forgiven myself for that either. Which didn’t make this any easier. But maybe I deserved it—after all, I’d blown off my grandmother for my career in Hollywood, and the omega I was supposed to have loved, I had dumped because the optics of big Hollywood star with small town omega didn’t fly. I couldn’t really tell myself anymore that I hadn’t been an asshole when I’d broken off my engagement to chase the spotlight a little harder. Sure, it had been good for my career, but the last couple of days had made me realize that ambition had turned me into someone I didn’t much like.
Hardest of all, I still loved him.
There was nothing I could do to make it up to Grandma.
My eyes flicked up to the back of my Dad’s head. He and Lew had been close—I’d sometimes thought he liked my fiancé more than he liked me.
Maybe he had a point.
But would he help me try to make it up to Lew? At least apologize? I was going to have to eat a lot of humble pie, but I could get used to that. And maybe—damn, no. That was a stupid idea. I’d dumped him, in the cruelest way possible. There was no way he’d ever take me back.
I sighed and closed my eyes, wondering how I’d get through these next two weeks.


Mating of Convenience

The first book in the Next Generation of Oceanport stories!

One year after Raphael finally makes it out of his small-town home in New England to work as a tattoo artist in the city, bad news descends on him. His useless father has gotten their family into debt so deep it would take a thousand years to dig them out. With his siblings on the brink of becoming homeless, Raphael turns to his estranged but wealthy grandmother for help, and receives a deal: If he settles down and marries, he'll free his siblings of the debt.

Years ago, Nathan fell in love with an omega. That omega broke his heart when he left, and Nathan's still not over him. When Raphael returns and asks for a favor--to enter a marriage of convenience--Nathan agrees. After all, he's doing it so he can start his own pet shop, right? Wrong. Nathan's still in love, and he's doing his best to hide it.

Haunted by the loss of their past friendship before they became lovers, Raphael regrets breaking Nathan's heart. Scars from the past are never easy to heal, though, and the more time he spends with his new husband, the harder it gets for Raphael to deny that he wants Nathan back. Except... this is just a pretend relationship, isn't it?