The Golden Dragon’s Unexpected Mate

Book Cover: The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate
Part of the The Jewelled Dragon's Curse series:
  • The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate

Dragon King Damari is the last dragon of his kind. After a curse killed his family, Damari is left the only one with the power to sustain his tribe. But when years go on and Damari doesn't find his dragon mate, he must venture out into the human world, and search for other ways to protect his people.

Dumped by his boyfriend, and stuck on the world's most exclusive resort on Chryseum Island, Miko Lannis needs help getting off…the island. He swoons along with all the other guests when he gets his first look at the domineering dragon king, Damari. He is so handsome and noble, there’s no way he could be interested in the socially awkward Miko in his frayed jeans and worn t-shirt.

Damari can’t control the pull he feels towards Miko from the first moment he spots his pastel blue hair in his office. Miko is goofy, clumsy and speaks his mind—a trait that is hard for a dragon king to find. But mostly, he makes Damari smile. If Damari didn’t know better, he would think Miko was his mate, but Miko is a human.

When Miko finds himself alone in Damari’s lair, he’s ready and willing. Except something happens that transforms their one night stand into forever.

Meanwhile, the curse that killed Damari's family may not be finished. Damari needs to call on all his powers as the Golden Dragon King to protect his new mate and his people.

The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate is the first book in The Jeweled King's Curse series. It can be read as a standalone and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to recreate anything you read in this book.