Mating the Omega

Book Cover: Mating the Omega
Pages: 166
ISBN: 978-1539808381
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 166

Omega wolf Jason and his family have been on the run for six years to keep Jason from being forcefully mated to his pack’s cruel Alpha. When a brutal attack leaves his father desperately injured, Jason comes to the conclusion that it’s time to call it quits. Terrified as he is to deliver himself into an Alpha’s power, he makes a deal to mate with the Alpha of the richest pack in the country. And discovers that he’d rather mate the Alpha’s handsome Head of Security.

When Mac captures the feral shifter that climbed the walls surrounding the Mercy Hills Pack enclave, he feels for the young shifter’s fear, though he knows his Alpha isn’t the sort of shifter Jason believes he is. He’d be happy to see the two mated, except that, as time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to deny his own feelings for the young, damaged omega.

A sudden turn of events sees Mac and Jason mated and expecting, but Jason’s old pack isn’t done with them yet.


Abel’s Omega

Bax is desperate.

Recently widowed, he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him—but not his babies. At Mercy Hills, he finds the help he’d hoped for, but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him. He doesn’t want another alpha mate, or even any mate, though he knows that an omega has to have one. But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever met, and the hope that had been crushed out of him begins to grow again in the warmth of Abel’s kindness and strength.

Bax is a dream come true for Abel—smart, loyal, strong, and loving. Everything Abel’s ever looked for in a mate. Except the independent omega has no reason to trust an alpha and Abel’s going to have to work his way through layers of hurt if he wants to convince Bax he’s safe opening his heart.

But to keep him, he’ll have to fight for him.

Approximately 130,000 words in length, with a happy ending, some questions answered, and some hints about what's coming in the next couple of books.


Duke’s Baby Deal

All his life, Bram’s been told what he would be, and what he would do. No one ever gave a thought to what Bram might think he wanted. There was only one career option for an omega—a mating and pups and looking after the household. But Bram wants more. He wants adventure and excitement and romance, and something different than looking after pups for the rest of his life. He flirts and teases with all the alphas, but the one he wants, he can’t figure out how to get. Until one of his more dangerous suitors goes too far, and Bram finds himself in a situation that could ruin him for life.
Until Duke steps in with an offer of a respectable mating, and everything Bram wanted is somehow now within reach. But all gifts come with trials, and both Duke and Bram have difficult paths to tread on the way to happiness.

94,000 words in length

This book can be read on its own, but contains numerous references to characters and events in the first two books. It would be best read in series.


The Omega’s Alpha

Barren, unwanted—a lot of omegas would have given up. But not Holland. Tired of living down to other’s opinions, he reaches for something more and seduces the new Alpha, only to fall so far in love he can’t see the moon for the trees.

Quin’s ghosts won’t leave him alone. He lives like a ghost himself, but Holland’s shining light gives him courage to reach for healing and, maybe, a family. Except Holland has his own unhealed wounds and he refuses to mate, until disaster in another pack reminds them both how fragile life can be.

From that disaster rises a new determination, and Quin and Holland set out to change their world.

And through it all, the secret of the True Omega begins to unveil itself, bringing hope and fear in its wake.

141,000 words full of love and family, disaster and triumph.


Legally Mated

More than a century ago, the Segregation Laws made enemies of humans and shifters, and imprisoned the pack behind their enclave walls.

Laine wants Garrick. He wants him out from behind those walls and being what he was meant to be—a brilliant lawyer. He also wants to claim Garrick openly as his partner, but with the prejudice on both sides, he’ll never get what he wants. Unless he can pull off something spectacular.

Like getting Garrick admitted to the Bar.

Garrick’s spent so much of his life keeping secrets, he doesn’t know how to open up to another person. Even if it’s Laine, the human lawyer who stole Garrick’s heart and made him want things he could never have. But Laine’s pushing too hard, and there’s another lawyer, one from Washington, holding out the promise of truly eliminating the laws keeping shifters locked behind walls. If they could bring those down, then maybe some of Garrick’s dreams could become reality. If only he could make Laine see…

All while an unforeseen gift of history creates rumbles of change in the packs, and drives Mercy Hills to an announcement that will rock shifter society to the roots.



In the Mercy Hills Universe

“Omegas for alphas and betas for betas…”

Ori and Patton have been best friends since they were pups. But growing up changes everything—Ori must settle on an alpha to mate, while Patton takes on the beta's work of maintaining the walled enclave their pack lives within. They try to make the best of it, until a wealthy suitor comes calling for Ori, and they realize neither of them can face a future without the other. And on a moonless night, Ori and Patton escape over the enclave walls, breaking both shifter and human law in their determination to reach the sanctuary of Mercy Hills.

Hunted by their own people and forced into a dangerous masquerade among the humans, their original plan--so simple and direct—turns into a twisted path toward a promise of freedom that might not even exist. Because Mercy Hills doesn't know they're coming, and the trouble they're bringing to the enclave's doorstep may be more than those already beset shifters are willing to bear.

Finding out Ori is pregnant makes their mission that much more urgent. Omegas never mate with betas, let alone have pups with them. If their pack finds the two lovers, they'll be separated forever.

But the pack never reckoned with the determination of a beta in love, or the stubbornness of an omega determined to keep his mate and his baby.


Omega’s Flight

Legend says that Midwinter Wolf listens to the deepest wishes of a shifter's heart, and brings him what he most needs in the moment. Raleigh's living the best life he can with his pups and his mate, until the simmering violence in his mating erupts and he and his pups run for the sanctuary of Mercy Hills. There, he begins to unfold the parts of his life he's kept hidden away and, most importantly, opens his heart to an alpha unlike any other he's ever met.

Cas was born the last and smallest of four extremely alpha alphas. He's learned to use wit and cunning to win his fights, but there's nothing he can do to protect his heart from the omega who comes calling on Midwinter Moon, looking for shelter and a chance at a new life. In that moment, the rebellious young alpha is brought firmly to heel as his heart recognizes the omega of his dreams.

But another alpha has a claim, if not on Raleigh's heart, then on his body. If Cas wants to keep him, he must use all his skills to win his mate free of the past. But can a single alpha wolf, no matter how determined, defeat years of tradition?


Lone Wolf’s Omega

Damian thinks it's just one night. Salem thinks Damian's just another customer. They're both wrong.

Damien grew up so poor even dirt was richer. So when the government approached him with a devil's deal, he leaped at a chance to provide for his parents and the rest of his family. All he had to give up was everything--his history, his pack, even his name. In return, his family would get his military pension, paid out as if he'd served his twenty. It had seemed like a good deal at the time.

Now, nameless, packless and essentially friendless, he's not so sure. Lone wolves are lonely, but his pack thinks he's dead, and so he finds himself at the doors of the notorious brothels of Nevada Ashes, looking for a little make believe, a little taste of home.

Salem wasn't the prettiest omega in Nevada Ashes, but when an omega was in heat, that didn't matter. The humans lined up for an hour of his time, and he and the pack raked in that sweet, sweet human money. Only a year and a half into his career and already at the top of the pay structure, he's determined to be no alpha's trophy. When he decides to mate, he wants to choose the alpha, not be chosen by one.

Until a 'date' like no other proves his undoing, leaving Salem with a baby on the way and no idea who the sire is--a shifter who smelled like a human. With no alpha in sight, Salem's got some hard choices to make, choices that could very well destroy the future he dreamed of for himself.

But Damian still remembers the omega who showed him kindness just when he most needed it. Remembers, and craves. When he learns of the baby, he risks it all to return to Salem and claim the omega for his own. But can Salem forgive the deception, or will Damian be forever a Lone Wolf?


“Can I get you a drink?” Jacinta asked. She ran a hand down the front of the bar and smiled.

“No. Thank you,” he said, still standing in the middle of the room like he was lost. Maybe he was; it wouldn’t be that surprising. If he wasn’t lost, he wouldn’t be here, would he?

“It’s okay, Jacinta,” said a quiet musical voice from the door. “I’ll take it from here.”

Damian spun at the words and then his entire body froze. The pictures, even the video on the website hadn’t done Salem justice. It was the eyes more than anything, smoke blue and bottomless, but the smooth skin and lithe, well-kept body made Damian’s instinct go wild. He wanted to touch the other shifter, hold him and see how well his hand fit into the small of the other man’s back. Pull their bodies together and explore the muscle hinted at under the soft drape of the rich carmine cloth that clung his curves and angles. Make that voice scream his name, his real name.


Such a bad idea. And yet, he didn’t run away when Salem moved toward him, hand outstretched to shake one of Damian’s. “I’m Salem,” the omega said and his voice sent shivers over Damian’s skin. “You must be David.” He let go of Damian’s hand to run light fingers over Damian’s chest, sucking in a sudden breath. “Are you sure you wouldn’t enjoy maybe a five hour session?” He smiled up at Damian, need and that omega desire that had no match anywhere shining in those pool-like eyes. “I’m certain I would like a five-hour session.”

He’s a prostitute, he has to say those things. But they felt real. The emotion felt real. He could smell the omega’s arousal, see the evidence of it in the bulge at the front of his trousers.

“Why don't we see how we get on,” Damian finally said and tried not to pay attention to the way his heart bounded at Salem’s answering smile.

“Of course. Then let’s not waste any time.” Salem wound himself around Damian’s arm and turned toward the door. “Why don’t we go someplace a little more private. And comfortable.”


Omega’s Heart

Too big for beauty...

All Felix wanted was what the rest of the White River omegas had--a mate, a home, pups. But when you tower over all your potential suitors, romance is hard to come by. Watching omegas ten years his junior get their happy ever after hurts more with each mating ceremony, so he begs his parents to let him move to Mercy Hills--not to find a mate, but simply to find a future where he isn't a dead weight dragging on those around him. Instead, he finds a cranky, broken, sarcastic alpha who is desperately in need of someone to sit him down and tell him how things are. And who looks at Felix like the sun shines out of his eyes.

"Your pack are a bunch of fools..."

Kaden came home from the Army heavier by the weight of a useless medal, lighter by several body parts, and with no real idea how to go forward. As he struggles to find his place in the pack, he takes solace in the company of the large omega sent to help him adjust. When Kaden discovers that Felix's size means he's never even been kissed, nothing will do for Kaden except to get the jump on all those other idiots who passed Felix up, mate this handsome creature, and give Felix everything his heart has ever desired.

"Come work for me and we'll change your world..."

Finding a mate is the easy part. As the Alpha's brother and decorated war hero, Kaden finds himself at the center of two political campaigns and must learn how to walk with a paw in both the shifter world, and the human one. And while he travels, courting the packs in a political campaign the likes of which the country has never seen before, he and Felix become an almost unstoppable pair, determined to forge new alliances between human and shifter, and lay the groundwork for their eventual freedom.

Omega's Heart is 256,000 words of slow burn passion between two exceptional shifters, warm family moments, surprising new friends, even more surprising new opportunities, political intrigue, and a turning point in the path that all the packs will eventually follow. 


"Felix!" my mother called from the kitchen. "Can you come get the big pot down off the shelf for me?"

"Be right there," I called back. I was going through my grandbearer's book of recipes, looking for something to make for full moon this May. I wanted something easy and quick, in case my sister Synthi went into labor on full moon night—the grannies all thought that was about when we could expect to see my new niece or nephew. I stuck a slip of paper in the old scribbler and closed it, careful to tuck the loose pages back inside. Maybe for Midwinter I'd ask for a new notebook or a binder to copy them all into so I didn't have to worry about wear and tear on Grandpap's old book, but for now all I could do was take extra special care of it.


I put it on the shelf above my bed, inside the carved wooden box that my alpha sister Norina had made for me for Midwinter last year, and wiggled down the mattress until I could get my feet on the floor. My room was small, but that was only to be expected. I was an omega too old for mating and not likely to ever be more than Uncle Felix, who lived in the little room off the back of the house and made mittens for all the pups in the family. After all, who wanted to mate an omega who was at least an inch taller than most of the alphas in the pack and was built like one too? The omegas who got all the attention were shorter, leaner, not built like 'a brick shithouse', as my oldest brother had made the mistake of saying in my hearing. Once. I'd beaten him up for it, already close to his size despite the five years between us in age. He'd never said it again, but the words had never stopped stinging.

When I stood up, the top of my head brushed the ceiling of my bedroom and I had to duck to get through the door. It was a bit better in the rest of the house, but my bedroom had been added onto the first floor of the house when Synthi had grown old enough for courting and needed her own space, and the ceiling wasn't quite as high as the original structure. But I was grateful to have my own bedroom—I knew families that made the omegas sleep in with their parents once they got to that fertile age.

Mom was busy putting the evening meal together, a mix of rice and vegetables and bit of meat leftover from other meals. Now that we were down to just the five of us in the house, she had a tendency to overestimate how much she had to cook, and we had leftovers at least twice a week. I'd offered to take over the cooking for her, since I didn't have any other jobs in the enclave, but the cooking was her thing and she refused every time.

I got the large pot down without any issue and handed it over. "Anything else you want me to do?"

She shook her head and began layering things into the pot. "No, I'm good. Oh, Francine asked if you were free full moon night to look after her pups, but I told her we were waiting on Sinthi's baby and you wouldn't know probably until that night."

"Thanks." Yep, that was me, good for getting things down from high places and looking after other shifters' pups. "I'm going through Grandpap's old recipes. Do you think Dad could get his hands on a haunch of venison?"

She paused with her hands full of sliced zucchini and looked at me over her shoulder. "You'll have to ask him."

"I can trade some gloves and hats for it," I said and reached around her to steal a slice of tomato. "Thanks."

She poked me with her elbow and smiled as she went back to layering the zucchini into the pot. "Saucy. I don’t think you need to trade for it, we can just get it with pack credits. Could you run some laundry down? We're almost out of towels again."

"Sure." Truth be told, I was grateful for anything to do. Spring was usually busy, but without my own house to look after, I usually ran out of things to do before I ran out of boredom to cure. I'd already dug up the garden and mixed in the compost, fixed the broken slats on the fence—and gotten scolded for doing something that an omega was supposed to wait on an alpha for—and done a deep clean of all the rugs in the house. The house itself was going to need to be painted this year, if Dad and and Mom could agree on a color. I was looking forward to it, because it was something I could stretch out, that would give me a task to accomplish for at least a couple of weeks. But until then, my life was a lot of sitting around memorizing recipes I'd never get to use, looking after pups that would never be mine, and praying for someone to need a chore done.

I found the laundry bags and began filling them, sheets and towels in one, dark clothes in another, lights in a third. It made for a heavy load, but not an impossible one, and I strolled out into the enclave, determined to take my time on the way.

"Afternoon, Felix," I heard someone call from my right. I paused and set the laundry down to greet my cousin Josh.

"How are you?" We didn't hug, or touch, me being omega and him being an unmated alpha. Not that it was my time of the year anyway, but the rules held all year long, because you never knew who was going to throw an early heat and get themselves in trouble. Although it had always struck me as being unfair that this rule only seemed to apply to omegas, and not to any other shifter in the pack.
At least I didn't have to take a chaperon about in the enclave like the young ones did. Being over the hill had some advantages.

"You think you could do me a favor?" He turned beet red as he asked me, and my currently metaphysical wolf ears perked up. This looked like fun.

"What kind of favor?" I asked carefully, determined not to spoil the entertainment by scaring him off.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and scuffed a foot in the dust of the path we stood on. "If you're talking to Clarissa between now and full moon, could you see if maybe she could save a dance for me? It doesn't have to be one of the courting ones, I'm okay with a pack dance."

I grinned. "What's it worth to you?"

He threw his hands up in the air. "Really? You're going to stand in the way of true love? I thought you omegas were all about that stuff."

"Oh, it's true love, is it? Well, for that..." I rubbed my chin and pretended to think about what I was going to ask him for. He practically danced with impatience in front of me, like a toddler waiting on a strawberry.

“Come on, Felix! It’ll only take you a couple of minutes. You’ve got the time.”
That put a damper on my amusement. Even if he was right. “If I see her,” I said, deliberately keeping my tone light. “But you’ll owe me a favor, delivery to be determined. Deal?”

He nodded and punched the air in excitement. “Thank you! And if you could get one of the courting dances…” He held his breath and watched me with hope shining from his eyes that would have rivaled a full moon bonfire.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said firmly. “Now, I have laundry to get washed.” I thought I’d drop in on my grandmother too while the clothes worked through their cycles, wash the taste of that unthinking comment out of my mouth. Some days in the pack it was like running through a swarm of wasps, a cloud of unintentional barbs, each one a pinprick of pain . There wasn’t any meanness behind them, but that didn’t make them hurt any less. And while one sting wouldn’t hurt a grown shifter, a whole swarm could.

I made myself say a polite goodbye and strode off in the direction of the laundry with steps maybe a little longer than they’d been before.


Uncertain Miracle

The story of Fivel and Leysa was written to answer a question from a member of our facebook group, who wanted to know if female alphas ever mate male omegas, and if it was possible for the omega to still get pregnant. We hope you enjoy this little side journey into the lives of the packs. 🙂

It's unheard of in the history of the Rathburn pack for a male omega mated to a female omega to ever get pregnant. Until no one can explain how Fivel's pregnancy has happened and the pack jumps to all the logical conclusions. Can Fivel and his mate Leysa whether this storm intact, or will this uncertain miracle of life be the end of their lives together?

**Please note that the content of this story falls in the M/F genre, so if that's not your thing, you may not enjoy this as much as the other Mercy Hills books.