The Dragon Heir’s Omega

Book Cover: The Dragon Heir's Omega
Part of the Ether City series:
  • The Dragon Heir's Omega

Dragons don’t just throw parties, they throw balls, but Jordan is from the Kellen family, and they’re more likely to crash a ball than be invited to one. So when Jordan’s partner Zachary suggests they attend the latest fancy to-do and cause a stir, Jordan is definitely on board. The dragon elite live cushy, privileged lives that Jordan never had a chance to see when he was a young alpha. And maybe the ruckass they cause will stir up some interesting omegas.

Zach Knight doesn’t just want to start some rumors at the latest social party, he wants to bring the whole house down. His family has run Ether City for generations, but Zach has something to say about how Omegas are treated and where better to make a statement than in front of a few hundred of his closest enemies? With Jordan at his side, Zach has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Aiden Hunt wasn’t supposed to be at this ball, let alone leashed, collared, and naked for the CEO of the bank where it’s being held. He’s drowning in his virgin heat and with hormones racing, his body is nearly out of his control.Walking through a crowd of alphas is his worst nightmare come true. He needs someone to save him, and fast, but he doesn’t know who he can turn to.

Jordan and Zach are happily bonded to each other, two alpha males with more bite than bark. They didn’t come to the party to rescue an omega, but when he’s dragged onto the dance floor, he seems to be just the disturbance the alphas were looking for. Aiden won’t be muzzled by just anyone, but Jordan and Zach are confident they’ve found the perfect omega to share.