The Omega’s Alpha

Barren, unwanted—a lot of omegas would have given up. But not Holland. Tired of living down to other’s opinions, he reaches for something more and seduces the new Alpha, only to fall so far in love he can’t see the moon for the trees.

Quin’s ghosts won’t leave him alone. He lives like a ghost himself, but Holland’s shining light gives him courage to reach for healing and, maybe, a family. Except Holland has his own unhealed wounds and he refuses to mate, until disaster in another pack reminds them both how fragile life can be.

From that disaster rises a new determination, and Quin and Holland set out to change their world.

And through it all, the secret of the True Omega begins to unveil itself, bringing hope and fear in its wake.

141,000 words full of love and family, disaster and triumph.