The Dragon of His Dreams

Michael has always wished for a dragon. Kylan has always wished he wasn’t one, but when push comes to shove, can he be the dragon Michael needs him to be?

Michael is an omega with about three-hundred book boyfriends, and zero real life dating experience. He makes up for that lack with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a non-stop craving for romance. When his friend invites him to visit on the Island of Dragons, he can’t wait to go. Not only because dragons are simply fascinating, but also because everyone knows they’re the hottest creatures in the known universe. Despite this, he doesn’t expect to find the love of his life during one short vacation. He knows that only happens in books. So the shock of falling head over heels for the first dragon he meets hits him completely unprepared.

Selling wedding rings in Vegas has left Kylan’s views on romance a bit skewed. He wants it—despite the many poor examples Vegas shows him— but he knows he won’t get it as long as he can’t control the dragon within him. Finding out his fated mate is a human omega, and one who seems to call out to his inner beast, throws his life into a tailspin. He can keep his distance, and lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him, or he can give in to his baser nature, and risk losing him to his dragon.

It seems like an easy decision, until Solstice night adds a new complication that will tie them together for life.

If you like nerds, dragons, books and men who become pregnant and live happily ever after, this love story will make a great addition to your library!