Omega’s Flight

Legend says that Midwinter Wolf listens to the deepest wishes of a shifter's heart, and brings him what he most needs in the moment. Raleigh's living the best life he can with his pups and his mate, until the simmering violence in his mating erupts and he and his pups run for the sanctuary of Mercy Hills. There, he begins to unfold the parts of his life he's kept hidden away and, most importantly, opens his heart to an alpha unlike any other he's ever met.

Cas was born the last and smallest of four extremely alpha alphas. He's learned to use wit and cunning to win his fights, but there's nothing he can do to protect his heart from the omega who comes calling on Midwinter Moon, looking for shelter and a chance at a new life. In that moment, the rebellious young alpha is brought firmly to heel as his heart recognizes the omega of his dreams.

But another alpha has a claim, if not on Raleigh's heart, then on his body. If Cas wants to keep him, he must use all his skills to win his mate free of the past. But can a single alpha wolf, no matter how determined, defeat years of tradition?