Jake and Conner


Jake was my best friend. My first crush. The love of my life.
Until he screwed up. We both did, really.
Now I tell everyone that I’m over him.
I tell them that it doesn’t matter, because I’m an independent omega, out to change the world.
The truth is that I miss him.
The bigger truth is that I want to lose myself in him, but I’m afraid to lose myself in the process.


I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but breaking up with Conner has got to top the list.
I was mad and I was an idiot and now I regret it all.
Now I would give up anything to get him back. Even myself.
Conner complains that I’m over-protective. Too alpha. Can’t he see that he’s my other half and if anything happened to him, how could I go on with only half a heart?
How do I convince him to give me another chance?
I’m a paramedic. Every day, I swoop in like a superhero to help mend broken arms, legs, bodies. Why can’t I mend this broken heart?