A Very Oceanport Christmas

Book Cover: A Very Oceanport Christmas
Part of the Second Chances series:

I love Christmas, I really do, but it's hard to get into a festive mood when everyone's staring at your belly and wondering who knocked you up. One of the reasons I delayed coming back home to Oceanport. It's just one of those things about living in a small-town. Everybody wants to know everything.

The problem is that even I don't know. I was at a frat party and there was alcohol and things got a little fuzzy. I'm not proud of that, even less so when David sees me with my six-months-pregnant baby bump. David who used to be my best friend--David who I used to have a big crush on. Still do, really, not that it matters. He's all I ever wanted for Christmas, but now I'm carrying another alpha's baby.

How could he ever want me like this?

(This is a low-angst, fun holiday story, but there are mentions of assault in one main character's back story, so tread carefully if this is one of your triggers! Other than that, this story includes mpreg, friends who become lovers, way too much eggnog and a touch of mistletoe.)