Act Like You Just Don’t Care

Book Cover: Act Like You Just Don't Care
Part of the Hollywood Hearts series:

Breaking all the rules…

Even in Hollywood, an omega should know their place. Supporting actor, parent of the star, jilted crazy lover.

Tam Laydon's worked hard to break the mold Hollywood wants to force him into. An omega in an alpha's world, he plays against type, donning the cloaks of heroes and villains in the films he makes. He's living the dream, and living the life, with a steady stream of boyfriends coming and going, until someone decides enough is enough and wants to put this omega back in his place. Violently.

When he was hired to guard one of Hollywood's rising stars, Miles Astra wasn't counting on the biggest threat being to his own heart. Even though he knows they're just faking it for the cameras--and the stalker--pretending to be Tam's boyfriend feels too much like the real thing. Before he realizes it, he's broken the first rule of bodyguarding and fallen hard for the rebellious yet surprisingly vulnerable omega he's tasked to protect. And for a few crazy moments, he's convinced Tam has fallen for him too.

As the lines blur between the fake relationship and the real one, Tam finds himself fighting his feelings for Miles. The urge to just give in and be the omega that the world demands pulls as hard as the career he's sacrificed so much for already. He wants this child he and Miles have created and he wants Miles too, except the cost of having them could be everything Tam's every built for himself. Miles claims he doesn't expect Tam to give up acting for parenthood, but can Tam believe him? And while Miles attempts to find a way past Tam's walls, the stalker they thought was in prison begins his dangerous campaign anew.

Who will get to Tam’s heart first—the one who wants to woo it, or the one who wants to stop it?